Palo Verde

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Palo Verde is one of the foremost sites for ecological research on tropical dry forests, which constitute one of the most endangered forest types in the world. There are no resorts or canopy tours here. What Palo Verde offers is a quiet visit into one of the most densely populated and diverse bird and wildlife sanctuaries in the world.

Although a thrill for any wildlife enthusiast, Palo Verde is most famous for it’s bird watching. The park is a Mecca for hardcore ornithology buffs, being home or migratory destination for over 300 species of bird. The park is a patchwork of no fewer than15 distinct habitat types, many various types of wetlands. During the dry season the wildlife comes from far and wide to enjoy the lush environment, some literally thousands of miles- if you’re from someplace to the North that’s cold, chances are some birds from your neighborhood are vacationing here too… you may see one you know.

Although there are trails in the park, the best way to see what it has to offer may be by traversing the waterways and canals in a boat. The wildlife concentrates around the water, some to drink, some to hunt, and the waterways offer an unobstructed front row seat. The Palo Verde tour also stops by the pottery village of Guaitíl.
6:30am Pick up  Flamingo Beach Resort
90 min ride
2 hour boat tour
Visit Guaitíl traditional pottery village
3pm Back at the Hotel

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