A wedding in Costa Rica is much more than just a wedding- it is an epic celebration of bride and groom in an incomparably magical, exotic location that will be raved about for years by family and friends.

Plus the journey to the honeymoon destination is very short. And, while it may seem extravagant, even with airfare the cost of a Costa Rica wedding is easily as affordable as such an experience would be in North America or Europe… if there was such an experience to be had in North America or Europe, that is.

With the growing popularity of Costa Rica weddings, a number of companies have sprung up specializing in wedding itinerary, many attached to specific hotels or coordinators, usually with rigid itineraries and amenities. We can offer complete flexibility with lodging, activities, dining, entertainment, etc. We can set up a detailed itinerary based on your travel dates and interests, or we can just take care of some main concerns and you can decide what else you want to do when you get here. We have all the connections at our fingertips- the lawyers, the flowers, the cake, the entertainment, etc.- so you have the options you need to make your wedding day perfect, not someone else’s idea of the wedding you should have. Of course, if you want someone else’s idea of the wedding you should have, we can do that for you, too.

Legally getting married in Costa Rica is relatively painless. There are two basic options: with a minimum of paperwork and lawyer’s fees you can legally get married in Costa Rica, and register the marriage later in your home country, or you can do the legal part first in your country, and come to Costa Rica for the ceremony and celebration.

Obviously with the first option the ceremony itself is legal and binding, but with the second option you can have anybody you want- or nobody- officiate.

Here are just a few things we can take care of:
Lawyer- we’ll have the lawyer come to you at your convenience.
Hair and make-up stylist
Entertainment- Mariachis, rock band, dj, karaoke, you name it.
Parties- separate parties for guys and girls, maybe?
Activities and Tours– of course.

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