Barebones Adventure

Barebones Adventure

Here are some examples of itineraries that include only lodging and car rental. Although they refer to specific opportunities, they are just a small sample of what’s available. Note: prices assume normal occupancy- that is to say, two or so people per bedroom. Get your bearings with our map. Contact us for current prices.

One week, Surfside backroad  House plus 4WD
o walking distance to the beach
o carport

The house is a fully equipped 3 bedroom place with pool and garden in a very quiet neighborhood. You can walk to Playa Potrero (dark sand beach) in 10 min or drive to Playa Penca (white sand beach) in 10 min.

One week, Surfside beachfront House plus 4WD
o on the beach
o gated driveway The house has two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Playa Potrero (dark sand beach) is at your doorstep. Playa Penca (white sand beach) is 10min away by car. Walk the beach to Flamingo or Potrero.

One week, Village of Potrero Hotel plus 4WD
o very close to two beaches o food, beer, ice, internet, etc., very close
o experience Tico culture

You stay in a hotel a few minutes walking distance from both Playa Penca and Playa Potrero. You have your own little villa with two bedrooms and a kitchen, and a big pool right outside. The hotel has a restaurant, so you don’t need to use your kitchen every day. The grounds are quiet and private, but right outside is the vibrant little fishing village of Potrero.

Remember, these are just a few examples of what’s available in the area.

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