The slow pace and “mañana” attitude can be frustrating for people who’s time is limited. If you don’t want to spend your vacation solving problems you might consider a some of the below tours. We have the knowledge and dedication necessary to put together a complete itinerary for you, and we can provide a level of customer service that you have come to expect in North America and Europe- we actually care if you have a good time and if your expectations are met. We can plan your trip down to the last detail or create a barebones itinerary so you still have lots of wiggle room.

Some basic things to consider:
• What kind of budget are you on? Backpacker? Spending your kids’ inheritance?
• Shall we provide transportation or would you like us to reserve a rental car for you?
• Pace: how much adventure do you want vs. relaxation?
• How long will you be in the area? Is this the whole trip or part of a larger vacation or travel plan?

Then you can look through the tours and activities, tell us what looks fun, and we’ll come up with an itinerary for your consideration. You have no obligation until you give us the green light.

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