After a few hard days of horseback riding, canopy tours, and surf lessons you might be in need of some well  earned pampering- you are on vacation, after all.


We have several local masseurs who will work miracles on your overplayed muscles- what’s more they make house calls, so you never even have to leave the comfort of your front porch. Beauty There are a couple of salons in the area offering the standard fare of treatments, plus a couple of in- home services for real pampering.


The Jungle Gym is a modern fitness center with a variety of well maintained weight training and aerobic equipment, plus an indoor basketball court and covered yoga area. They have a variety of activities, including Pilates classes.


There are some great yoga instructors in the area- schedules change regularly so contact us and we’ll give you the lowdown. Yoga is a great way to start the day and meet some of the local enthusiasts.


There are a number of options for getting away to a secluded setting to focus on your well- being. We can book you into a nearby health spa and provide transportation if you need it, or you can take a tour which incorporates a health spa as part of the program- check this one  out, for example.

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