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Before there were sailing tours and scuba shops, before there even was such a thing as a canopy tour or a quad, Flamingo was a hotspot for world class sport fishing. Flamingo sport fishing has a long, colorful, and sometimes scandalous history. Records have been set and broken time and again. The rich and famous have come and gone, and some have stayed.

But times change. Fishing is now just one of many activities, and Flamingo fishermen don’t hesitate to bring their whole families. The boat captains, first to see the impact of overfishing, are now vehement conservationists, and “sueltame” (release me) is the rule for billfish. That said, make no mistake: Flamingo still offers some of the best game fishing in the world, bar none.

In 2008 Robson Green made a TV show called Extreme Fishing… his first port of call? You guessed it, right here in Flamingo- here it is to whet your appetite…

Part 1 – Offshore, Nice Tuna

Part 2 – Inshore, Tico Style

Part 3- Offshore, Awesome Sailfish

The area is famous for:
Pacific Blue Marlin
Black Marlin
Striped Marlin
Pacific Sailfish
Yellowfin Tuna
Spanish Mackerel
Jack Crevele

Serious sportfishing is not for the budget traveler. The cost of maintaining a world class fishing vessel is exorbitant, and the prices reflect that.

There are several boats capable of offshore fishing in Flamingo. A full day, offshore, everything included will run $1150- $1250.

If you can be satisfied with inshore fishing your options improve dramatically. Inshore fishing means you are only a couple miles out and will not be catching any billfish, but there are Dorado, Roosterfish, Snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Grouper, Jack Crevele, Bonito, and Wahoo.

A half day inshore on the above boats is $600- $900, but there are also a number of smaller vessels capable of inshore fishing in a variety of price ranges. That means that you can have a great day of fishing at a relatively reasonable price, if you don’t need that offshore experience

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