Costa Rica is famous for a number of distinctive handcrafted souvenirs, most notably:
Hand painted oxcarts (and miniature replicas)
Precolumbian gold jewelry replicas
Ceramics, hand painted with brightly colored nature scenes
Hardwood items of all sorts
Traditional indigenous pottery

Serious shoppers may find the local opportunities a bit disappointing- there are some souvenir shops here, and we will happily direct you to them, but some people would prefer to take a shopping trip to one of the more touristy towns- Tamarindo or Playas del Coco.

Another shopping attraction these towns boast are big, modern grocery stores, and people staying for a while in a place with a kitchen may need to stock up on supplies. Another place intrepid shoppers may find of interest is the pottery village of Guaitíl: “Most families in Guaitíl earn their entire income from ceramics. Many inhabitants- -descendants of Chorotega indigenous people–have been making their unique pottery of red or black or ocher clay using the same methods for generations, turning the clay on wheels and polishing the pottery with small jadelike grinding stones taken from nearby archaeological sites.”

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We can get you to Guaitíl for a shopping trip, but it is also included in the tour of Palo Verde. Finally, if you’re interested in a major shopping expedition, we can arrange a tour of San Jose.

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