Sailing out of Flamingo

Not so long ago the only way to traverse the Pacific Coast was under the power of the wind. Pirate ships chased after traders, all armed to the teeth in their attempt to steal gold, or keep it from being stolen. They murdered and pillaged and drank themselves blind on the distilled sugar water they called “rum”. Then, with their luck run out and captures’ looming, these scum of the sea buried their ill gotten loot… right here, under our feet. It’s hard not to imagine it when you’re out there, the wind tearing at your hair and salty mist on your face, dolphins leaping with glee off the bow… your fingers clutching at a cup of distilled sugar water… garrrr. There are several sailboats offering tours out of Flamingo. To keep things simple they offer the same basic service.

Although they can do other types of trips, most of their clients want sunset tours, or, what the local pirates like to call a “booze cruise”.

It goes like this:
At 1:30pm they meet you on the beach and take you out to the boat on a launch.
As soon as you’re under way they start plying you with food and drink.
Different boats have distinct fares, but lunch is generally a light, casual affair, with a variety of delicious snacks.
The bar is open and generally serves beer, wine, and simple mixed drinks.
You sail for an hour and a half or so, the destination depending on the wind.
You anchor at some secluded little beach. Snorkeling equipment is provided as well as a basic introduction. Life vests are made available to people who want to use them.
A good time is had by all. As the day wanes you make your way back to port, enjoying the sunset from an incomparable venue.
You’re back on the beach around 6:30.
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People really, really enjoy these tours. If you had one afternoon and wanted to make the most of it, this is probably your best option. Although the boats generally offer the same basic tour, you may have a choice between a catamaran or single hull. A cat is easier to get around on without spilling your drink, but a single hull offers a more authentic sailing experience. Don’t forget sun protection!

Other options

Most people opt for the sunset tour, but there are other possibilities:
Half day, morning tour
Full day tour
Full moon tour
Private, single or multi- day charter Or maybe special events?

Private parties with live entertainment, or even weddings. Whatever, we can make it happen.

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