Horseback Riding

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The locals take their horses and  horseback riding seriously, and if you really want to see the area from their perspective you have to get up on the back of a horse. After all, this is a province where cowboys (and cowgirls) belly right up to the bar on horseback.

Sure, you can go horseback riding here, but we know of a tour that’s much more than that- it’s a window into the Costa Rica of yesterday, removed from the tourism and its trappings, when life was simpler and moved at a slower pace. Not far into the hills is the little town of Tempate. Despite its close proximity, Tempate has been left behind by the growth of the Flamingo area because it’s not on a main thoroughfare- you have to go there on purpose.

For all intents and purposes Tempate has changed very little in the past quarter century. It still is a town which revolves around the local ranches and is steeped in traditional horse culture. Here you can take a ride through a Costa Rica you might not experience otherwise.

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