Canopy Tours

Canopy tours have become one of the most popular activities in Costa Rica ever since the country became a hot-spot for ecotourism- in fact canopy tours are now practically synonymous with ecotourism. People who have never been on a canopy tour may labor under some misconceptions.

Yes, you are out in nature, and there are numerous species of flora and fauna all around you, but canopy tours are first and foremost fast, fun, adrenaline pumping rides, more like a roller coaster than a nature walk. The backbone of a canopy tour is a series of zip lines (pulley slides). The client wears a climbing harness and is secured to the cable with a very sturdy pulley as well as a redundant safety line.

They are quite safe, but, as with any thrill ride, it can be difficult to convince your instincts of this fact- that’s when your adrenal glands kick in. There’s a great little canopy tour in the hills Northwest of Flamingo, up a dirt road called the “Monkey Trail”. It’s close and also has a serpentarium, butterfly farm, and monkey rescue. There are some bigger zip lines relatively close in Rincon de la Vieja, which can be included in a day tour of the area. And if those don’t cut it for you, we can get you onto some of the biggest, fastest zip lines in the world, in Arenal and Monteverde.

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