Activities Around Flamingo:

So, you’ve spent a day by the pool, another at the beach, and now maybe you’re wondering what else there is to do in the Flamingo area. We have fun stuff to do for every lifestyle and budget, from adventurous surfing and whitewater rafting, to a relaxing massage. You can rent a bike for a few dollars a day, or charter a world class sportfishing boat for, well, substantially more. With all the options and contacts at our fingertips we can get you all set up in minutes, saving you time and legwork so you can get down to the serious business of enjoying your vacation. Check out our Activities pages- those are the most popular things to do but by no means everything… if you want to hear more or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Canopy Tours
Bicycle Rentals
Horseback Riding
Whitewater Rafting
Turtle Watching

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