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Much has been written about the merits of Costa Rica and what sets it apart from other the countries of Central America. Instead of rehashing it all here, we offer a few of the main benefits which have made it so attractive to travelers, and a couple of links where you can learn more.


Yes, it’s true, Costa Rica dissolved it’s army in 1949, and has been politically stable ever since. It’s a member of numerous bodies and establishments related to peaceful endeavors, and is the location of the United Nations University of Peace.


Costa Rica protects an astounding 25% of it’s land in parks and reserves. With only .25% of the world’s landmass, it boasts 5% of the world’s biodiversity, which makes it one of the most biologically important places on the planet. Costa Rica ranks 3rd in Yale University’s 2010 Environmental Performance Index. [W]


Historically Costa Ricans (Ticos) have been considered the friendliest, best educated people in Central America. According to the 2009 Happy Planet Index, Ticos are the happiest people in the world. [W]

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